Lumalit Light Strip & Battery Pack

This Package comes with the following:

  • Lumalit Light Engine Battery Pack
  • Lumalit RGB LED Strip
  • Micro USB Charging Cable

 Video Instructions


 Light Engine Specs

 Preset Light modes: We include 9 preset light modes

Charge Time: With a standard phone charging wall wart it should take around 1 hour to get a full charge. Once the indicator light turns green the Light Engine has reached max charge capacity.

Battery life: The average battery life you can expect is 2-3 hours.

Battery Technology: We use high-drain lithium-ion cells.

Battery Capacity: The battery Capacity is 500 mAh




 Light Engine Operation

Function Instructions 
On Plug in LED Strip and then hold and press power button until the indicator light turns blue
Off Hold the power button down.
Change Light Mode Short press of power button


 Indicator Light Key

Color Key
Blue On
Red Charging
Green Short press of power button
Purple On and charging (charging will be slower if you do this)


 Troubleshooting (Sleep Mode)

 (Please note that If you hold down the power button and the indicator light turns blue, but the LED strip does not light up, your Light Engine is in sleep mode in order to save battery. To get out of sleep mode press the power button repeatedly really fast and while the light engine is already on until you see the LED Strip light up)





Type: Accessory

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