In Detail

By: Gayle Coyne

Lumalit’s genesis was born out of an accident. In 2015, Manny was struck by a car while jogging in the evening. He suffered a broken leg. During his 2-month recovery he began “tinkering” with illuminating clothing to provide safer options for runners, cyclists and pedestrians. Manny developed light circuitry that could easily be removed from clothing.

Lumalit’s mission statement:

“Be Bright” is a crucial message. Statistically the National Highway Safety Administration reported in 2013:

  • 48% of cyclist deaths & 70% of pedestrian deaths occurred between 4 p.m. and midnight.
  • Reflective apparel and clip-on lights are not bright enough to protect the wearer/user.

Manny points out that “currently, there are only two major products for runner or biker safety solutions. One is wearable LED lighting and the other is reflective garments. There are lighting products such as clip-on lights, light vests, and headlamps, which are functional, but look absurd out of context, necessitating a change of clothes prior to other activities, events or occasions. Reflective garments are awesome when there is a light source, but completely ineffective when there isn’t one.”  

Because of this, Manny wondered “how do I take the functionality of these products, combine them, but also take away their drawbacks?” 

This question lead him to create Lumalit and the V1 Jacket which was and is the Solution to his question.

In 2015, during his senior year at Newton North High School, Manny joined two Harvard University MBA students’ exploration of product development in a student competition that provided the necessary insight for him to personally develop, design, and produce his safe, functional and chic LED activewear.



Measurements (Inches)

Back Body Length 26.75 27.5 28.25 29
Chest 40 41.50 43 44.50
Bottom Width
39 40.50 42 43.5
Sleeve Length 20.50 22.25 21.75 22.25